Monday, February 4, 2013

Too much eating fast food facts

For convenience, a much cheaper alternative, often busy schedules and limited time a
lot of the material is bad for the health of eggs fast food French French,
hamburgers, fried chicken, pizza and sub sandwich, Taco, soft drinks, calories,
saturated fat, trans fat, salt, sugar, home made delicious meals decided by people
with fast food, frustrating many small nutritious available to consumers for more
nutrition. Healthy food menu for information about their fast-food restaurants have
choices carefully.

Many high calorie fast food. If used regularly, it will soon, weight and
obesity-related diseases cause 2 1600 calorie food fast-food burgers, fries and
drinks in General, eating fast-food restaurant, can encourage the amount of
plus-size food.
A small amount of daily fat healthy diet and most fats unsaturated fat intake,
consider part of the fast-food more unhealthy fat saturated fat clogs arteries of
heart disease includes g 55. Big Mac fried fat--it will increase the risk of two
thirds of the provinces with you one day require about cooperative extension system
Liquid vegetable oils, trans fats, hydrogenated oil. Adding hydrogen to the trans
fat and cheap for frying can taste food more than once to build and enhance the
texture of the food, they are effectively the cost of fast food restaurant offers
food and trans fats raise cholesterol, heart condition, stroke, and 2 Add a daily
type 2 diabetes. The increased risk of total and daily calorie intake in the United
States, says the Heart Association trans fats will be more than 1%.

Heart disease is the single major contributor to hypertension, and high amounts of
sodium in 1 healthy adults consume more sodium to 2,300 libraries, and 1 do not
require sunlight that day. Fast-food salt. Too often 1500 mg sodium can and easily
include 850 mg double cheeseburger large fries can contain 4 chicken nuggets.
Fast food in a small way, vegetables and fruits are an another source of essential
vitamins and minerals. And malnutrition and essential nutrients, mainly consisting
of poor fast food diet intake depression, anxiety, can lead to skin, hair, nails and
suffered from a lack of energy and vitality and the result is generally healthy.

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