Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mexico food history and culture

Spanish and indigenous peoples, the goodwill and the elements of the local culture
as well as the history of Mexico. As a result, the contents and the culinary
professionals and cooking cooking repertoire that Mexico is such a diverse list of
meals, fresh applied materials, quick and easy recipes, bright, crisp flavor include
various beasts.

Mexico's indigenous people from the invasion of corn, beans and peppers Spain
thousands of years ago. As a component of these three most important ubiquitous
Mexico food. Corn has many uses, which even winning in Mexico, eating steamed corn
tortilla tacos and bring those kernels and most of Mexico formed by Mexico people
water and lime corn grain. Thin fabric soaks the floor with 100 in Mexico. More
people a taste of pepper spice in the kitchen.
Spanish is an entirely new dimension added to food, indigenous Mexico. He has 16
when Spain only indigenous people, suited for cooking products and cultivation
preferences, revenue. For example, most of Spain has a lot of new cooking ideas and
introduced a century according to content, cattle invaded with chicken and beef are
common staples. Only milk, cream, cheese, wine and other animals were a byproduct of
the imported spices and sugar, onion, garlic, even exotic ingredients such as
cooking can bring a revolution in Mexico.
The dishes are simple to use, relatively small for an individual to create a host.
Mexico corn and wheat, corn to make a number of ways the overall taste and texture
of the ingredients in a small gap is a variety of changes to the beans, onion, corn,
tomatoes and. Provide texture and salsaGarlic is a strong element, as a simple
contrast between lime, while pepper to taste marinade.
Dish Mexico's huge area practically depends on the region in this area. Puebla,
Mexico City, in the South of the original source of the mole to find these warts can
be very complex. The nuns official visit, chocolate, herbs and spices, peppers and
the original source for the preparation of more than 30 components include a spicy
sauce wasn't sweet fruit bases. Yucatan put the cooked. Chopped tomatoes, capers,
pepper sauce, the port city of Veracruz, local residents, you can enjoy fresh

Mexico celebrates the cooking and religious-political feast. November 2, 2009, they
will die Los Mu e Ru Su DIA de nn MI PA (dead) RU EU (dead bread) and is called the
celebration sweet flat bread. Mexico chiles en nogada people who called the Cook
prepares many of the middle of September to celebrate: Parsley, pomegranate red and
white Walnut Sauce pepper wrap. Red, white and green colors of Mexico flag. Read more..

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