Sunday, February 3, 2013

Italy type of food

Italy is world famous, but the lasagna, pizza cooking. In the case of multiple areas
of the material shows a strong dishes of food law. However, only a fraction of the
traditional Italian cuisine Italy cuisine, various courses, such as the order number
one, it's my recipe box.

The beginning course of instruction of appetizers that can make a buffet with
appetizers and they generally provide similar functionality in a few bites of food,
frequently cold. Area, fish meat (raw) Duet appetizers, ham, anchovies, ate as I
listen to olive tree tomato slices of salami or dry like a small fish and other
The rough side of the food can be divided into 2 important classes, as well as the
previously dried soup, bouillon is appropriate: essentially a rough surface on mi ne
su ? ne ro broth soup to pasta's classic Italy vegetable-based. in fact, many Italy,
risotto, pasta, polenta and rough surface drying of the Italy region consists of the
General area of the region, Liao Fu-the gnocchi. ? Ears ? or types of pasta, such as
Northern Liguria, weather and geography of the main ring, rice plague, according to
the sources, a typical flat form, the whole of the province Liguria orecchiete
varies. My around much of the South, with a healthy dose of Chile sauce. Often the
polenta in the mountainous regions of butter and cheese on a corn-based porridge is
well enjoyed. United States prefer specific, Northern Italy, gnocchi, potato bass
dumplings, ham, cheese, and Spinach Risotto.

By default, the meat and fish courses, secondi alone on another plate of vegetables,
rich sources of fish meat, but traditional and grilled beef and chicken, before.
Fresh fish and around the coast to eat chef Antonio ka ru t chi o mountain.
According to the two areas, even using salt or vinegar Italy Lake. In Italy, eating
fish, enjoying games, rabbit food, rabbit, pheasant and wild boar. Vegetable recipes
are simple, but some of the time, potatoes, spinach and fennel.
Sweet Italy San Marco is the end of the meal with a bit of sweet. Export it
partially solves the world's most famous hotels of Italy, i used ta ri a nn e ji ra
? to ice cream ice cream flavors and a wide variety of light, chopped dried fruit
and nuts, like a rich dark chocolate fruit sorbet because formal dining. Italy is
often raw fruit, sweet chocolate and ricotta, topped a tight lattice pie, Germany,
Northern Italy, Austria and the same style of dessert, Apple strudel za t ha also
like the icing on the cake ?.
Pizza is likely the world's most famous origin but Cook Italy Naples pizza's not in
formal dining, but now the whole country. Ham-cheese topping, mo t ra re, eggs,
mushrooms, tsu a dry tomatoes, salami and corn and other vegetables and a variety of
coverage, the thin fabric, tomato base sauce, use the most pizza round. However, ?
Bianca ? or mozzarella cheese topping and a ta re t ji ho. Italy pizza chefs, their
toppings as a base for a variety of purposes, most of which, if you are using 3 or
more, or when you order a traditional pizza, skip the four elements in the white
air, try the pineapple pizza and most of Italy. Read more....

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