Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to arrange food in Italy

Italy's beautiful scenery, quaint little villages, despite the millions of visitors
each year, this area also has a rich taste of steak pasta dishes and an abundance of
charm, friendly people, proud of their food and the restaurant is attractive food
habits if you're not acquainted, in Italy, special dinner experience in therapy, but
there in front of your visit. Can be intimidating dining, Italy can learn commands
from the menu in a fewer simple steps.

You want your budget, time frame and pizza, order a salad as a ni pa ni ? seats are
limited, consider the dining experience, cafe, pizzererie, which determines the kind
of food and generally, table service, a wine bar, e no te ka, cheese plate, soup,
sometimes. Limited selection of food such as pasta. Risorante or providing a full
meal, the waiter.
Understanding the menu section to split some Italian menu 
component. On the rough
side and Secondi appetizers, appetizers, first step, Second Edition, respectively.
Do ru chi, or sweet, or another menu dinner menu wine and wine at the ending of the
other are displayed in the list.
Food and beverage outlets, typically to order a meal; Cafe, e no te ka, pizzeria,
cuisine and ri su to ra te nn, where as usual, sitting at a table, have a metal
plate to order at least two written rules, not likely the menu you're comfortable in
any order. Based on Italy's drinking water, the contents of the high calcium. Get
used to the taste of most of Italy can vary more than ordinary people or spark ring
wine bottled water, wine, a bottle of water and a half pitcher or Cup offers a
restaurant or at home, the wine has to offer.

Depending on the limit in many Western countries, Italy, people generally did not
adjust their food dressing up request "or" olive oil the waiter. The main food is,
naturally, if you're allergic to the food you eat, pasta cutter for safe lighting.
You must avoid if you do not understand something and not be afraid to help, called
the waiter.
If you have questions about the legislation except Italy pays people to drunken
dinner. Most charge your waiter when you go to your desk can leave a check in most
restaurants is the man for your chips to be charging the Bill to cover the per. ..
You must be careful when writing additional tip. You are probably more than 5 euros.

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