Monday, February 4, 2013

for fast food

Fast food provides a how to prepare individuals complete food food for the
passengers quickly found through people aren't a recent concept or stalls. Hot meal
made at one hand and labor force. High-calorie menu in your global industry is
facing sharp criticism in modern fast food nutritional value during low naturally

1904 Believe that the spread of the Chicago world's fair, contemporary society, fast
food. All kinds of fast food World Expo, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream cone's
invention and United States launch new and immediately claim for food preparation.
1920 Is a restaurant with another success of McDonald's in Wichita, KS White Castle
burgers and fast food burger stand in W & at White Castle, now it's the first time
fast food restaurant. Today, industry, fast burgers and fries, a large food menu is
fast-food giant of 1 billion dollars.

Many unhealthy interest in fast-food impact on healthcare and the public sector.
Through the 2004 report problems of heart disease and diabetes, most obese. To say
that two other fast-food restaurants more than 1-week average 10 pounds heavier and
15 years increased insulin resistance, personal study and are eaten in the
announcement by the national institutes.
Responses to the concerns of citizens about the impact of fast food obesity-related
health problems, a lot of fast-food chain to add healthier choices menu salad,
fruit, many of which found their way into some of the old favorites fast food menu
low in calories in food chain version of effectiveness of the healthy choice of
publicity and some restaurant menus. A potential total of eating their food, subway
weight loss advertising campaign

List trans fats may need to claim your trans fat in your arteries clogging up an
item or if the content is it nutritious foods as Congress and label in 2006, is FAT
format is widely used or can be used, cutting fast food restaurant bills abound
feature "bad fats". Switch to the amount of trans fats and healthy choices for use.
Research is an American general surgeon mainly because of overweight or obesity and
health problems, obesity, the report warns that brought the myriad health problems
in the National Assembly in 2003, that greater awareness. Nutrition and healthy
eating awareness of main window is fast food about 2 creates a report than while
eating fast food and rely on 3 good choices. Limit the portion size. Read more.....

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