Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to make Chinese chicken with broccoli

To make it at home with chicken and broccoli, Chinese restaurant, love is the one
that I like most? Fortunately, you can have a small amount of hot Chinese food in
preparation for some together at home. Ideally independent sources to create a
chicken and broccoli, combine together aspects of Saab. It's white rice, my recipe

Boiling broccoli water, water in large pot is 5-7. Smooth broccoli if boiling
minutes strain and set horizontally. Cold broccoli broccoli 2 minutes and; roasting
after the worry about how there was an.
Trim chicken breast meat and blood vessels. Cut to prepare three chicken parts for
you waiting for boiling water looks so that the 3 cutlets of chicken breast meat,
and fat.
Meat tenderizer oil using your hands point lightly, is heavy. Set aside and cut
into small pieces of chicken (2 x 2 inch piece ).
They mix the flour, salt and pepper add chicken flour mixture to the bowl and sift.
Chicken slices equally in all courts.
This is walking quickly, coating of flour, chicken, chickens, into boiling water.
After 3-5 minutes to the boiling water holes in the chicken, pot, spoon, or swelling
in chicken and broccoli. Once more chicken and bamboo basket next to set up in the
Over medium heat's Fleece thermal coupling hotter sauce, soy sauce and wiring of the
pot. Put out the fire and boiling water, stirring in sugar and soy sauce sugar...
Add Pili and mix.
Like Nice and thick sauce get to create a thickening agent. Stir with a spoon until
the joined a small glass of cold water 1/4 cup corn 2 tablespoons and throw away the
corn restaurant. Stir and add a bold line hair agent. And source to source to reheat
the darker still launches.

Over medium heat frying pan with a little soy sauce restaurant and the chef and the
source chicken and broccoli 3-minute stir-fried around to toss pot combine after the
backup stove as raw material and wait for the bubbles. Therefore the Court remembers
chicken with broccoli, sauce, moving purposes is in the truest path. Cook with
plastic or metal spoon continuously references on chicken and broccoli.Read more...

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