Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The psychological benefits of a healthy diet

The brain is a part of the body all the nutrients that compose the nervous system in
the digestive system of processing is coming from some vitamins, minerals and
antioxidants which affect brain mental health and mood to correspond.
Helps healthy eating, brain parts, memory, and troubleshooting skills improvement
actually vitamin and mineral deficiencies, nerve damage, the mental ability to rot.
Fortunately, the damage can repair antioxidant rich foods by eating nutritional

Direct link for energy and environment, lazy people who don't eat carbs and
protein-rich foods, interest, frustration and depression to load enough nutrients to
Miss not dealing with inadequate nutrition and depression. And lead to
disappointment. The dopamine production raw body will be less willingness proteins
at all difficult emotions. You produce the soothing effects of serotonin
carbohydrates help to make Does.
You are a very unhealthy food and beverages can contribute to the health of brain
blood flow and cognitive dysfunction. "Fat can reduce alcohol alcohol consumption to
waste the amount of nutrients the body to terminate use of nutrients.

You mental health problems can be prevented in a lot of vitamins and minerals.
Thiamine confused, you can prevent memory loss. Vitamin b-12 from Alzheimer's
disease and brain atrophy is a stable mood Niacin helps prevent memory loss. In
addition to selenium and vitamin e you can prevent excessive babble magnesium zinc
and apathy prevent.
What kind of food is known to strengthen the brain. Wild salmon is the best source
of Omega-3 fatty acid aids forbid impression, Alzheimer's and demented. Green tea
and blueberry rich in antioxidants to repair the brain. Chocolate, coffee and fresh
have been found too beneficial for the head.