Thursday, February 7, 2013

China's leading food

China's climate is suitable for the type of food to a large and varied landscape at
a growing farm labor produced. World markets and domestic consumption of fruits,
vegetables and grain growth. Fish and shellfish are a major exporter. To my formula
package added.

When 10 pct of the country's gross domestic product than agriculture, industry and
service industry of China. However, taking 43% over 8 million workers in the United
States of America, the largest number 2 ( global economy, since according to the CIA
World Factbook China, 2008 placed on the agricultural industry is quite a major
world markets.
China's large estates and various different types of tropical climate, subarctic
foods can grow food China farm, agriculture, industrial, 15 percent to reduce the
total of land available and many environmental problems facing the Chinese since
1949 for soil erosion and desert lost almost 1/5 of gradual economic growth and
state farm. Urbanization.
Is corn, wheat, coffee and peanuts fruit, melon, Apple, peach, pear, rice,
vegetables, spinach, cabbage, garlic, sweet potatoes etc. such as China in terms of
volume and prices, the biggest crop. Other major foodstuffs milk and chicken eggs
are ranked, and consistent Chinese food. The best as most growing Chinese Apple.,
Asparagus, buckwheat flour, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, ginger, potato, rice
paddy power bingo, tea, tomato in the world by at least forty-five other items.
United States of America, one of China's biggest food suppliers. 2008, China was the
third largest source of agricultural and fish and seafood imports increased to $ 500
million in 2007 to about $ 100 million in 1997, imports are a seafood, wine, beer,
fruit juice, coffee, snack foods and organic growth in the United States during this
time mainly. Human consumption China agriculture Income share rather than feed and
pet food access.

Many of the large amount of food imports Republic of China Governments and raises
concerns almost the safety of food consumers. In 2008, to resolve this issue, the
United States exported pet food to u.s. Congress survey retrospective and looks like
milk products. In 2007, the Governments of the United States of America signed a
memorandum of understanding between China and food exports., Such as examination and
modification of the provisions of the Chinese to improve the security of a
commitment to complete the steps. Chinese food safety purposes, China station
management and monitoring of food safety issues to expand cooperation with us
measures announced.Read more..

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