Sunday, February 3, 2013

A unique food in Italy

Representative of Italy is authentic most people eat pasta and pizza, nothing but
words, Italy really American pizza is like made in Italy most pasta is from serving 
a wide variety of original thinking is really, Italy food. Add my recipe box is.

Guanciale is pig's cheek. Along with added spices and herbs in Lazio, Italy cooking
and traditional spaghetti and Italy's pasta dish on the other stuff.
They eat them around mile journey put collapse of the popular Fontina Cheese, eggs
very in this particular dish of rust people believed these aphrodisiacs and added
cheese Fontina Fonduta, dish on Northern Italy perfume Alba truffles melted precious
white truffle is.
And at the peak of Italy called Braulio after drinking "liquor consistency is bitter
taste is asymmetrical Sage-flavored grape wine hub, like brown color. Spicy aroma.
Sambuco is not only English and black elderberries are like tree wood cooking

strawberries common jam. Real comes from the syrup treat's small sambuco. To come
flowers is considered a healthy food each spring, also also component of the House
creates fabrics are rarely found in the shop about they is a mixture of fried food
were covered in frittatas.
Along with the lemon juice and olive oil crackers appetizer thin to create a strip
and serve snacks and Bottarga break the egg chopped tuna, or dimmed display Takashi
Bottarga egg caviar, compression, drying process before.  Read more

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